Don't tell me that you want to become a bum in Germany.

You are not brooding and existing in your own head.

I didn't take the bus home.

These rumors are probably true.

He will lose weight.

You ought to have a carpenter's square.

The ballerinas wore tights, tutus and ballet slippers.

How do you know they're not just giving you a weird look because you have a funny face?


In due time, his innocence will be proved.


I saw him take your keys.

"What am I supposed to do?" "I don't know. Do something."

Why does catnip make cats loopy?


He graduated from some rinky-dink college in Oklahoma.


No expense was spared.

The question foxed me completely.

His tone became more and more fervent.

Let it dry.

Dan and Linda married in a church.

Butter is made from cream.

I'd like to send my dress to a dry cleaner.

Hanako seems quiet, but she also get things done when it's necessary.

He was out of breath. He had been running.

This is the first time I've ever learnt Chinese.

My father is free this afternoon.

There is a large choice of bags in this shop.

You'll never find Oskar.


What a plonker!

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Lui is lying on a large rock.

Neil said he wanted to stick around for a couple of more days.

We're stuck here for now.

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Roses withered and Ania cried very much.

We have many goals.

Did Vincent send you here to tell me that?

Every positive integer has exactly one successor.

Donne is more intelligent than me.


Stay away from here.

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I don't like rainy weather.

Is there anything you want to add?

Such playfulness is characteristic of Mr Baker.

Why is he asking me that question?

Phiroze writes very well.


Don't judge a man by the way he looks.


Have you started reading the book yet?

That was totally amazing.

Kanako commutes from Chiba to Tokyo.

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I persuaded him to resign the post.

We make a good team.

I can never get Joshua on the phone.


Compared with last year, this year's crops are much better.

She prayed that her daughters would forgive her.

I never meant to hurt Sundaresan.


I felt a certain anxiety in my chest.

I have five sons. Two of them are engineers, another is a teacher and the others are students.

"Aw man... I know how much it sucks to have your parents get divorced..." "Are you saying that your parents are also divorced?" "Yep. Last I checked, my mom was somewhere in Europe."

There were once poor farmers in that village.

I know Karl is missing.


When I saw Oscar yesterday, he was wearing a cowboy hat.


The earth, because it is not a product of labour, cannot have a value.

Hon was an accident waiting to happen.

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

It may be advantageous to me to proceed in this way.

Deborah is very ill and I'm afraid she is dying.

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A little sleep and I'll be as good as new.

We must do it again.

The box was so heavy I could not move it.

Dan claimed that he had lost his key.

Let's end this fast.

Severe turbulence during the flight and very poor cabin service didn't make for an enjoyable start to our holiday.

The ceremony was simple.

I looked around the inside of the store.

That was it.


When she starts to cry, what shall I do with her?

I can't make head nor tail of her lecture on health and physical education.

You don't even know why you're here.

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You can't give up on her.


The best thing is to telephone her.

Will you allow me to go with you?

I don't normally lie.

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Do you wish to stay?


Her political career has ended.

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Let me know when you'll be ready.

All societies have become capitalist.

Music is my passion.


The lake has a diameter of 100 metres.

For an English speaker every comma is to be avoided.

I wasn't making fun of him.


Merat looks cool.


Life is at best very short.


I like to invite my friends home.

I haven't been back here since that unfortunate incident.

Happy is the one who has not killed the child in his soul.

Money is a big bother: you can live neither with it nor without it.

Roland is used to the work.

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Most scholars believe that the Tetragrammaton should be pronounced "Yahweh".

It is characteristic of him.

It didn't take long.

Progress in science was often barred by convention.

I'm persevering.

Do me a favor and take these suitcases down to the basement.

I'm a good sailor.


What Claudio did was unbelievably idiotic.

Is that your carriage?

It was the right thing to do.


Pablo doesn't look troubled at all.

This maniac is capable of anything!

Let's take it down a notch.


Why don't you go home now?


Also Piotr and Lech are good friends.

Tao expected me to pay for everything.

The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.


The company managed to keep afloat.


I missed my flight. Can I get on the next flight?

You haven't yet done what you were supposed to do, have you?

"What make is your car?" "It is a Ford."

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Let's sit this dance out.

Jeremy is about to leave.

We'll stop Charles.

Is it really necessary to buy all this stuff?

You shouldn't have followed me.

Anatole turned the handle.

My life would be meaningless without you.

Po has big problems.

Dan checked in at a local motel.


Stefan wears black-rimmed glasses.

It's self-explanatory.

Someone stole Clay's guitar.


Tanya told everyone I was adopted.

Why did Rodent come to Boston?

Listen to me carefully with your book closed.

What a waste of money!

You've slept a long time.

Clip your nails.

He is a member of the fraternity.

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We'll have to wait and see if that happens.

I saw an old friend of mine yesterday.

Not all books are good books.


She gave a cry of pain.

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Maybe you dreamed of it!

Where is your twenty? I'll give you five bucks for it.

Let's not spoil it.

This is a very, very rare problem.

You'll soon get used to the climate here.


Grace is the best basketball player I've ever seen.

You can't force me to do anything.

Graham has no inheritance.

Can we stay ahead of them?

I got turned off.

I'd like to meet Kimmo's father.

Thirteen people were wounded.

I've already tried three different methods.

Hamilton doesn't want to talk about his private life.

Jerry won't tell me why Micah isn't here.

Rodger is the ranking officer.

Many scientists have the reputation of being eccentric.

Have you heard her speaking English?

It left off raining and we managed to finish our game of tennis.

He used to be a man of fortune.

What's gotten into Jerome?

Both Roy and Melinda covered their mouths.